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Hybrid games that humorously caricature your professional life!

Deadline is a collection of games that allows players to discover several professions with a touch of humor and cynicism. Prepare to have a good time with friends!
Each edition put yourself in the skin of a designer. The goal of the game is to finish your project before the deadline.

This hybrid game combines the qualities of a board game with those of digital technologies. To play, you will need a “Deadline” card deck and a tablet application. An optional game board will also be available for sale in the “Deluxe” version.

The first edition “Deadline, Graphic Designer” is currently in pre-production. The goal is to create different versions of the game that will focus on a wide variety of professions related to the design wolrd.
A crowdfunding campaign is planned next year in order to market the game to a wider audience.






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