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Graphic Designer

Deadline “Graphic Designer” edition

Are you ready to face the client, the IT engineer, the printer and the marketing manager?
In the “Graphic Designer” edition of Deadline, you will be able to test your nerves while aiming to finish your project in time!

For “non-practitioners” you’ll have the opportunity to discover many aspects of the profession, the variety of projects that can be realized when you are a graphic designer and the stages of realization to achieve everyone of those.
Obviously the game contains a good dose of cynicism about the relationship between the graphic designer and his professional entourage! But don’t worry, no profession will be spared!

The first edition “Deadline, Graphic Designer” is currently in pre-production. The objective is to market this game as well as the “Architect” and “Fashion Designer” edition, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign planned for next year.