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Deadline is a game created by Valérie Pierrehumbert in collaboration with Raphaël Munoz (Aprobado Studio) who develops the application on Unity.

This project was born at the HEAD – Genève, during the Master Media Design. During this Master Valérie Pierrehumbert received the help of Margaux Charvolin and Marion Couesnon.
Since April 2017, Valérie Pierrehumbert continues to develop the game and collaborates with the talented Raphael Munoz for the development of the application.

Her goal is to create a “Deadline” collection of games on a wide variety of professions. To do so, she’s currently creating a company and is working on its business model.

Since January 2018 she also collaborates with Vincent de Vevey for the sound design, as well as Camille Rattoni, who developed this website on WordPress!
She also receives advice from Guillaume Coet about the communication around the project

Award and distinction

Thanks to the qualities and innovative potential of the project, the game won the “best demo” award during the GSGS’17 in July 2017.

In December 2017, thanks to the Kick-Off training and the GENILEM courses, Valérie Pierrehumbert had the chance to win the first prize at GENILEM HES-SO 2017 in Geneva.

This project has been selected and exposed in many events since the beginning of its creation such as “Indie Cade Europe” which took place in Paris in October 2017 or the “Global Grad Show 17” in Dubai in November 2017.



Exhibitions and conventions